Saturday, 4 April 2009

Manchester, Friday Apr 3rd

This is me upstairs at Mother Mac's, the pub hosting the second of the two stand-up open mics I performed at on Friday.

And this is the heaving throng dutifully watching me as I took the previous shot. Look at them grinning. Their low entertainment threshold shall be the ruin of us all.

If you like, you can use this picture to test out your room-working skills. Imagine this is your view from behind the mic. Who do you reckon is going to be an easy sell? Who's going to be a tough nut? Whose left eye will you have to gouge from the socket with trembling index and middle finger, retching at the soft 'potch' noise as it pops free and drops into your lap? (click for a larger image)


  1. old matey down the front has a crush on you

  2. No I was just pissing myself at his material and performance, really glad I booked him.