Sunday, 15 March 2009

Video Games: A Cultural History - A History

So yes, I do a bit of moonlighting on another blog, Mercy Recommends. For a whole bunch of weeks now, I've been posting a regular feature every weekend, one which I call: 'Video Games: A Cultural History'.

The tone oscillates between irritatingly flippant and a kind of Simon Schama esque middlebrow patrician didacticism, and I expect it will continue to not know what it really is up until the day Mercy tell me to push off or I run out of steam. But anyway, in case you'd like to pick through the tatty stitchwork of my musings, I thought I'd post some links to what I've done so far. Hey, you could even read the rest of the blog. Who knows, it may save your life one day!

#1 - Wonderboy In Monster Land

#2 - Wonderboy Solves The Riddle Of The Sphinx
#3 - Choice And Identity In Blue's Journey
#4 - Japan's Construction Boom In Hammerin' Harry
#5 - Fear Of The Other In Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja
#6 - The Spectre Of Socialism In Strider

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